Published Articles and Essays

On Jewish Summer Camp:

Every summer thousands of college students pass through the gates of Jewish camps across North America. By sharing their gifts as counselors, activity specialists, and supportive staff members, they create the magic of camp. What do we, as camp leadership, owe them in return?

“For I Have Given You Good Counselors, You Shall Not Forsake Them”

In this article I describe some current attempts to provide Jewish summer camp counselors a Jewish growth experience while working at camp. I offer a critical look at these approaches and suggest a better alternative: learner-directed Jewish exploration.

As published in the CCAR Journal, Winter 2015

On Hebrew Poetry:

A brief essay analyzing one of Dan Pagis’ poems about the Shoah.

Dan Pagis, Written in Pencil in the Sealed Boxcar – Timeless Hebrew Poetry of the Shoah

As published online in The URJ’s Ten Minutes of Torah series. 

Curriculum Design:

A sample from my curriculum guide, designed during my studies at the Rhea Hirsch School of Education. This curriculum aides summer camp leadership in providing a unique and self-directed Jewish education program for counselors, year-round.

Etzah Tovah L’hadracha: Wisdom for Good Counsel


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